Troubleshooting : Missing K2 Task Notifications

K2 workflow uses its eventbus to send out task notifications. These emails are processed outside of the process instance. The good thing about this setup is that any errors raised during this processing does not affect the process instance’s execution path. But, troubleshooting these email notification delivery issues are a little bit difficult.

The following troubleshooting steps will help:
0. Scan the event logs and K2 logs for any messages that may relate to mail delivery.
Any proper troubleshooting begins with establishing a baseline and monitoring activity around the scenario you are trying to resolve.
These logs are good to find symptoms relating to our problem. Running the K2 configuration analyser is also a quick way to detect anything odd.

1. Check the email message configuration for issues
It is important to make sure that there is no configuration issue on the task notification itself. If a custom message is used and K2 Fields are dropped in to the message their configuration could affect the email processing.
The standard configuration is a good one to test first. It automatically uses the email address of the destination user. Also check whether this particular user in this case has a valid email address.

2. Check whether email is flowing from K2 by testing a standard mail event in a test process
This will help you ensure that the email flow working fine from K2 server out to the mail server. It requires ensuring K2 is pointing to the correct email server and can route messages from the server.
Connectivity to the mail server, relay permissions and correct configuration entries in hostserver config files are your points of reference.

3. Check event bus is running fine
This step is important so that we know event bus can actually pick up the messages. Event bus requires MSMQ to be configured correctly and requires permissions to create Queues.

Following these logical steps helped us troubleshoot and successfully resolve notification issues. Search for Notifications on our blog to find out other related articles.

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