Customer Experience meets Process Intelligence

I was at the Kodak Alaris partner conference in Bali. It was called Kodak Alaris Global Directions 2014 APAC Edition. There were over 150 partners from the region. I was one of the speakers. It was great 3 days of sharing, learning & networking.

Kodak Alaris shared insights on their strategy and plans with partners. There were some great product announcements and one in particular prompted this blog post.

Digesting the details on an offering called InfoInsight, I was simply blown away by it. I am so excited by the potential of it for companies in managing their customer correspondence like never before.

InfoInsight is bringing what I call “Process intelligence” into customer experience management. This is taking the “Intelligence” aspect to the next level.

InfoInsight is deployed either as a cloud or on-premise solution. It takes all kinds of inputs and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to process them.

This AI engine has been in development for over a decade. Kodak Alaris is using it as a self-learning and self-correcting, natural language processing engine for InfoInsight.

This approach completely changes the way documents are scanned and processed.

There is no more templates required to handle unstructured data. There is no need to force certain formats and/or channels of input.

It understands chat, images, forms, email, paper and other input channels that customers use. InfoInsight also talks to social media. It monitors it for you.

The AI makes it possible for extending the reach of correspondence management to complex input channels such as video and audio. I am keen to explore using mobile devices to push video input into troubleshooting scenarios with InfoInsight. I blogged about mobile capture as the modern input Channel for apps to come and you can see why I am extremely excited about this solution.

Imagine customers sending emails, customers chatting to your service centre agents, customers making comments on social media and all this being serviced by the same platform using a sophisticated AI engine that gets it right well over 85% of the time.

InfoInsight still requires some human input for that 15% of the cases that Kodak Alaris says where the engine needing help with its own learning. This is how the AI improves its accuracy.

The specialists in your support teams will now be focused on teaching this AI engine how to handle those exceptional scenarios.

You can even build a help robot on your website that is mimicking your expert support team members.

This not only helps with customers getting a much faster service through the automation engine due to its speed, elasticity around scaling and it being an always-on system, but also improves the very high attrition rates common to service centres as your support people are not doing the mundane tasks anymore.

Kodak Alaris actually takes a massive leap on bringing a futuristic solution to market reality. Find out more for yourself at Kodak Alaris InfoInsight

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