10 Reasons as to Why PowerToolz for K2?

This comment from a K2 client summarized it all for me:
“I am sooo happy that you guys exist!! Yay for your idea of automating K2 itself. YOU ROCK!!!!”
Here is why I think everyone using K2 should checkout PowerToolz:
1. PowerToolz is a purpose built testing, administration and automation tool for K2.
2. PowerToolz saves you time and money so that you can do even more with K2 real fast.
3. PowerToolz is built using K2 APIs and it has inherent knowledge of K2 components and their testing & automation needs.
4. It does not rely on UI scraping/recording techniques to automate testing apps.
5. PowerToolz allow for not only testing but issue resolution around error’ed instances, comparison tools for troubleshooting, data update features for error fixing and migration of process instances.
6. Everything you do is scripted and you can hand manipulate the script for perfection.
7. You can use it to create and run regression and load tests for K2.
8. Using SmartObject scripts you can extend its reach to other systems.
9. The tool is also priced and licensed as a specialised K2 add-on.
10. Every Developer and consultant who saw this tool instantly fell in love with it.

Here’s a quick 5 minute demo video (HD quality) of the tool in action…

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