What does modernizing business processes mean today?

Technology is something that changes all the time. As they say, The next best thing is yet to be created. Modernisation is a never ending journey. However, hitting this moving goal post is not impossible nor optional. Why?

In the real world, business processes have always been the key to organisational success. Routinely applying better technologies to revitalising core processes is a critical step towards success.

Some organisations are tired of keeping up with technology changes. Cloud could actually be a passing cloud they wish. The reality is, the constant barrage of technology is not a spike on a normally flat graph but a tsunami getting unleashed wave after wave.


In today’s terms, modernisation means you are probably on the cloud, you are leveraging social networks/big data to some extent, you are at least mobile enabled and may be looking into gamification.

If you are not seriously looking into these technologies and applying them for optimising your business processes then soon you are going to be history.

Just like nobody thought internet and google could become well and truly part of many spoken languages, we are going to see companies that are born as cloud natives, mobile natives and social natives changing consumption of products and services dramatically. This is going to give birth to an entire vocabulary of technology derived terms that will soon form part of our daily speak.

In that world, businesses face a very different customer. This customer consistently demands modernisation. This business environment is entirely customer driven and customer designed. To survive and thrive in this customer controlled environment, a Business’s processes needs not only be flexible and change rapidly but also be ready to scale at global proportions.

Well it is not all bad news 🙂 I see one good thing with the modernisation that is actually being forced upon us. The application of modernising our business processes has become easy as well. As an example, if you take the cloud, taking advantage of it is not very hard. In fact, cloud is not really an invention. It is rather an innovation on the outsourced service provider model that existed but applied on a global scale.

The other great thing about this tsunami is that each wave is inter connected. Cloud powers Social, Big data and Mobile. They all leverage each other and depend on each other. This is another reason why this tsunami will indeed reshape our business world.

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Wearables are all have deep consumer and corporate impact. Not only from technology applications but also business models.

The change is already happening and has been for some years.

In the recent past, Crowd sourcing helped wearable technology start ups to move from concept to successful businesses very quickly. These were unheard of only a few years ago.

If you take the Australian small to medium enterprise scene, the Accounting function of the businesses has been shaken by cloud based software offerings. MYOB, Xero and many others are battling it out in the cloud.

The tech tsunami caused many Companies and their business processes to be created and reimagined on the go. Today, Businesses have no choice but to embrace and evolve with these changes.

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