How do we automate workflow application testing effectively?

Testing is an essential part of ensuring quality. Without verification of features and functions you will not know where an application is at? This testing process has to be consistent and repeatable. This is important for iterative development and change management.


Modern apps have many moving parts. Each of these parts have many dependencies. Testing all these components and layers requires a methodical approach. Doing this testing manually creates a lot of issues. Regression testing is actually very boring and painful. Manual regression compromises quality of testing.

Automation is mandatory when it comes to regression. Automation software purpose built for your apps platform is important to ensure efficient testing and quality control.

jEyLaBs is presenting at the K2 user conference in Vegas on how we automate our testing of workflow solutions. We will be showcasing PowerToolz, our automation software for K2 which helps us with effectively automating much of the manual work around testing.


The beauty of PowerToolz is that it is not just any other automation software. It is built for K2 using K2 APIs. We codified a lot of our techniques around best practice implementation and project delivery into this tool.

jEyLaBs is making the latest version of PowerToolz available to all K2 customers and the K2 user conference delegates will have a very special offer to license this tool. Register interest in attending our demos and qualify for this offer.

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