K2 Releases Package and Deployment Tool

K2 just RTM’ed their Package and Deployment tool (PnD).

PnD is a utility for promoting K2 assets, including Workflows, SmartObjects and SmartForms, between K2 environments.

PnD has been in Beta for quite some time and it is great to see it getting released.

You can upgrade from Beta 2, Beta 2 TR or Beta 3 releases to K2 Package and Deployment (4.13210.1.0) RTM by running the K2 Package and Deployment Setup Manager and following the upgrade prompts.

However, any packages created using Beta versions of PnD are not compatible with RTM. All packages will need to be re-created moving forward.

Download PnD from the “Additional Components” section of the K2 blackpearl download page on the K2 Partner and Customer Portal.

The released version has the following prerequisites:

· K2 blackpearl, version 4.6.5 or later
· Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0
· K2 smartforms 1.0.3 or later

When using K2 Package and Deployment, both the source and target servers need to be running the same version of K2.

Checkout the release notes and start using it

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