3 reasons to work with a Niche Player

Most enterprises tend to do business with a select group of companies. The reason is simple. It is to reduce risks associated with the business transaction.

I think selecting Niche players as technology suppliers is the best thing for any organisation. Niche players have 3 key attributes that attracts me towards them and they are: Passion, Focus and Experience.

If you look at business risks associated with partnering with any organisation in detail, the one that tops the list is viability.

These are the typical questions related to viability: Can this supplier be able to deliver what we are paying them money for? Will they be in business to complete the project? Have they done this before? Have they worked with people in our industry?

No body wants to jump on a sinking ship. Very few wants to be the trail blazers, especially when it comes to betting on technology.

When I look at the organisations that do technology well, they are the ones that have the passion for delivering technology solutions. Technology is not necessarily hard. It is the dynamism that is inherent in the changing nature of applying technology is what makes it tough. Passion is key for working in a tough environment.

Focus on customer success is another defining factor of successful providers. Lets face it, user expectations are much higher than what they were a few years ago. Technology is more accessible and cost effective there are a lot of people applying technology in a variety of ways that suits them. This shapes their perceptions and their expectations. Without focus on customers and what they are asking for any project cannot succeed.

Experience speaks for itself. Depth and breadth in an area of technology is important for a solution provider. This allows them to have a team of people, develop tools and processes and have opportunities to showcase solutions.

As organisations rely more and more heavily on innovative application of technology they have to rely on partner organisations to help them. They simply cant do it all themselves.

These partners can be one-man operations to small groups of experts or large consulting firms and global technology providers. Whatever the size the partner may be picking the right one is key to success.

Niche technology players have this all. Focus, Passion and Experience are all in their DNA. This is why we choose Niche when we partner and you should too. Find out more about our Niche play at http://www.jeylabs.com

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