Is your Support stacking up?

IT departments are mostly about keeping the lights on. They are focused on supporting business operations. IT’s job is to make sure that the data is safe, applications are functioning and the company network is secure. IT provides 1st level support through help desk and meets SLA’s around ticket resolution.

However, Businesses are looking for achieving efficiencies through process optimisation. They are looking to use the best possible technology available with the least possible disruption to normal work. Businesses do not have a lot of time for optimising but they need those efficiency gains. They need IT to support them fast in their quest to automate. They want IT to help deliver better business applications to accelerate their growth.

Most IT departments struggle to deliver enterprise apps and workflow efficiency. They look at getting something so that they can “click next” and get back to answering help desk calls. IT has fewer resources and under skilled staff resorting to something without consultation. Unfortunately, we see this reality in many businesses we come across.

Building and delivering enterprise solutions require different skills from someone with the focus on keeping the lights on. It takes much more than the abundant expertise typically found within an IT department. The supporting function required to deliver enterprise efficiencies through process automaton is a different kettle of fish. This support function is effectively delivered by organisations with a consulting focus and years of experience across the technology and different business domains.

This level of support role played by IT is not stacking up to business needs. IT has to hit that reboot button and seriously think about how they can be a key differentiator for organisations. In this era of cloud this revamping is not an option. IT will become obsolete within a decade if it doesn’t manage to reform itself.

jEyLaBs works closely with IT and business to ensure that the IT support is exceeding the process efficiency demands. We specialise in workflow and business applications. We provide training to up skill IT. We provide turn key solutions and offload the burden of IT. If you have support issues then please call us to see how we can help your IT to help you better. Our email address is:

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