Why SharePoint for a Collaborative, Social Workplace?

Collaboration is the centre of every successful business. Workplace collaboration is becoming more social everyday and the internet is influencing our interaction habits. These days, our professional and personal worlds collide more often than they used to. I just received a call from one of my friends and we realised that we both knew a lot more about our recent past through our facebook interactions.

We leverage our networks much more effectively than we used to thanks to social networks. We are sharing more. We are collaborating more. We are doing great things with a swipe, a tap and a click by liking, voting and donating through social media. Our colleagues express their passion, their views, their activities on the internet to their selected networks. We are part of some. We want to be part of others. And sometimes we really dont care 🙂 However, we cannot ignore the importance of Social technologies at workplaces anymore. Their impact is massive.

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration technology that is pervasive in our workplaces. With its latest release of SharePoint 2013, Microsoft has a lot to offer in the Social collaboration space. Microsoft’s acquisition of Yammer and Skype and the imminent integration of these technologies and more into Microsoft products have created quite a lot of new opportunities for the typical Microsoft customer to innovate in their Workplace collaboration methods. jEyLaBs is excited to continue to service the Microsoft customer base as a focused system integrator because we see great potential for Social innovation in the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

IT departments should focus on how best to satisfy social workplace collaboration needs of their Information workers. Ignoring these needs or blocking the users’ efforts in fear of privacy, loss of control, etc will simply cause more harm to the organisation than any good. SaaS offerings and freemiums are changing the buying and decision making habits of business units. Cloud has the potential of wiping out IT departments in the near future. It is best to work with the users and help them leverage existing, proven and popular workplace collaboration technologies such as SharePoint to deliver the social solutions they need. While a Social policy should be the responsibility of management, the implementation of it should be an organisation wide responsibility led by business units. If IT to survive and thrive, using SharePoint to delivering social is the best option available to it.

Micro blogging and Sharing are core to Social interactions. Microsoft has improved these features in SharePoint 2013 immensely. Mobile delivery of these features are a necessity for the take up your Social SharePoint. Your workflow applications can be very effective with Social and Gamification features. jEyLaBs specialises on this aspect and can provide you expert advise and guidance. jEyLaBs partners with DELL software and K2 to bring many social scenarios to SharePoint a reality very effectively. Like it? Share this post on Facebook, Linkedin or Tweet to us via @jeylabs. You can also email us at empower@jeylabs.com.au

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