5 Keys to Success with Workflow Automation Projects

From our experience working on workflow/eForms automation projects over many years, we can comfortably say that we have a recipe for success. This recipe has 5 key ingredients. They need to be mixed correctly, carefully and at the right levels at the right time. They are:

1. Clear Vision

2. Buy-in from Key players

3. Passionate Team

4. Awesome Tools

5. Time tested Techniques

Without a clear vision any mission cannot succeed. Even if you do, you will not know whether you have got to that point or not. How much you have deviated from your goals will not be clear and therefore it will be impossible to get back on track. It is important to be clear about the workflow automation project/program’s vision. This must be written down so that it can be referred to during your journey.

Buy-in from the key players is important to not just get the funding but to have positive PR around your project. Funding should not be pulled out until the critical milestones are achieved and to ensure this that positive PR is very important. Once you have buy-in from the key players this PR and funding will come. It will open the doors and help you navigate any complex political situations around your project. Find the key players and get them on your side. Convince them. Continue to check that this buy-in is still at the required level to help you overcome any obstacles.

A passionate team is important even if your team size is small. Passion for automation is very important so that you can attract great people into your team and continue to grow it. Successfully delivering workflow automation projects in any organisation requires a variety of skills. These skills are hard to find in a single person. You will need a team of analysts, managers, technical people and support personnel to complete the execution. People with passion should be part of your team to make this journey a success story.

When you have the right tools the job at hand becomes almost effortless. You need to be conscious about finding and sourcing the right tools. jEyLaBs spends a lot of time keeping ourselves abreast of the developments happening in this fast moving world of technology so that we can advise our customers on the right tool-sets to future-proof their workflow automation journey. Make sure you have awesome tools on your toolkit when you embark on the project.

Technique is actually more important than your tools. Time-tested techniques will help you not make common mistakes and follow a path that is less painful to get where you want to go. There are methodologies for delivering projects but delivering workflow automation projects require fine tuned techniques. Requirements gathering, prototyping, testing, integration and deployment as well as change management requires “variations” that are tuned to your workflow projects. It is important you look at specifics that will work for your program, your organisation and their training needs.

To learn more about and how to put together a successful workflow project recipe for your specific needs please contact us via empower@jeylabs.com.au. We are here to help you succeed.

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