Migrations can be Migraine free

Moving active business processes from one environment to another is not an every day task. It is complicated and painful. It does happen though and we are seeing this occurring more and more due to typical system upgrades, platform changes and mergers & acquisitions.

Recently jEyLaBs assisted with migrating over many thousands of active business process instances from one Active Directory environment to another. We have also worked with two other projects relating to Active Directory changes, SharePoint and K2 platform upgrades at the same time.

There are many aspects to migrating processes. Completed, Active and Future instances all have to be analysed for migration impact. The volume of these instances also has an impact on the time required to analyse and implement the change.

Our consultants are currently engaged on a project involving SQL, K2 and SharePoint clusters undergoing a migration. We deployed our PowerToolz to great effect on this project. We were able to complete the analysis, integrity and validation checks as well as the migration process of two pre-production environments within 15 hours.

If the system uses many process applications, multiple versions of process definitions and many thousands of instances then the project cannot be delivered within a meaningful timeframe unless you use some tooling such as the PowerToolz. It is simply impossible to be able to repeat the migration steps with confidence and have proper coverage of all migration best practices.

jEyLaBs uses DELL software products and our jEyLaBs PowerToolz along with our consulting services to manage and deliver these migration projects. There will be a need for support services around the migration period and it is important you plan for that as well. Our remote support teams provide critical migration and post-migration support.

Are you planning a migration sometime soon? If you are looking for some expert advice or general tips and tricks please do get in touch with us.

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