Process Enablement – an ROI based approach

I am all for building applications for business users by business users. It is the scalable way to enable the enterprise to achieve efficiency gains. In all jEyLaBs projects we look at addressing the change management and the continuous improvement aspects required to sustain the project’s momentum properly.

Often we see organisations finding it difficult to go beyond the first project or two. They stall as soon as the consultants handover and move on. The reason why they get stuck at trying to get the program of works moving forward is that they do not address IT projects from an ROI perspective.

All IT projects should be looked at from the point of view of business investment and return, just like any other capital or operational investment. Unfortunately Project managers are trained to run IT projects as cost centres and to the allocated budget. They are not measuring or bench-marking against as-is and to-be processes and the efficiency gains the business is aiming to realise by these automation projects.

jEyLaBs is focused on delivering IT solutions with measurable and guaranteed net ROI gains. We are really keen to help project managers, business decision makers and technical implementers understand this approach so that they can be truly successful in implementing IT projects.

We are hosting an information event on this topic of ROI in Melbourne and would love you to join us. Come and participate in this great event with experts from the industry on Tuesday, May 28th at the Rialto. Event starts at 8:30 am with morning tea. Presentation and discussions will finish by 10:30. Come, learn and share something great. Register for free at

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