Quick Apps for SharePoint

Building applications to solve business problems is what we do. Our team of Consultants come to work every day with enthusiasm because we know we make a difference. We pride in the output we produce – the Value we deliver daily to our clients.

This is why we don’t give up on continuing to find better ways to improve application delivery. We dont stop innovating. Evolution cannot stop.

When it comes to Delivering business apps, We have more than one way of doing things. We have solutions that fit different requirements perfectly well.

For the projects we work in the SharePoint centric environment we found quick apps from DELL software to be very powerful.

Simple requirements from a user point of view typically ends up being custom coded webparts in SharePoint projects, adding to costly change requests and upgrades.

Quick apps solves this nightmare by offering a powerful suite of webparts for SharePoint. These are super webparts that allow users to self-service their requirements.

Quick apps provide you with 21 generic, customisable, easy to use webparts. These are available in your webpart gallery.

You can use them to configure graphs, cascading lists, provide filters and roll ups, create custom look and feel for editing and viewing of list information, and aggregate media from multiple sites among many things.

There is compelling ROI arguments behind this approach of building solutions.

Come and learn more at our SharePoint event in Melbourne being held next week. Register here now to grab those last few seats available: http://tinyurl.com/jeylabs0413

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