FREE of Bugs : How to measure Quality?

In the age of freemium, One thing I would actually pay for immediately is to be free of bugs. Because bugs cost me. They rob me of my experience. As a user they ruin my productivity.

Lack of quality is something we shouldn’t put up with. When it comes to software, Abundant free products on the net create a false sense of value.

There’s a huge difference between perception and reality when it comes to free products. There is no free lunch. Someone will pay for it. Actually you pay for it. By way of your time or privacy mostly. And time is money. Time is life. You can get your money back but not the time – you won’t get it back!!

Measuring quality is a tricky thing. With code there is scientific ways of going about it. With consumer products there are certifications to go by. But with people? Is there a way?

How do you consistently measure quality of your people? How do you find the best and keep the best at their best? How do you cut them a bit of slack at times as required and still not compromise on quality?

I believe in automation. I believe in tools that help you measure and enforce quality. They are the ones that you should build better as that system will help you keep your system running well.

This is the sole reason we invested over 2 years of development with our PowerToolz. We are using it to test our outputs across projects and our people to make sure their output is free of bugs. We use its reports to measure quality goals consistently.

I think you should have your PowerToolz or equivalent. What do you have?

Checkout ours here…

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