How do you deliver Quality, every time?

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Everyone knows the value of testing, yet it’s one of those activities more often than not that gets poorly executed. The consequences of a less than ideal test approach can lead to an embarrassing time with your client. This in turn can be a poor reflection on the project team.

It starts with requirements. Requirements must be written with “testability” in mind. This allows a level of traceability from requirements, design, build and test. Of course there are many types of testing, such as unit testing, functional and non-functional testing, integration testing, system testing, regression testing and more.

Having business analysts, developers and testers working closely together with the project manager at an early stage in the project delivery life cycle ensures a higher level of software delivery. Having processes such as ensuring that traceability is mapped between requirements, test cases and code modules ensures each project team take accountability for their respective component.

Testing ensures Quality delivery. Automated testing ensures consistency of Quality. jEyLaBs PowerToolz was built to enable automation of testing and regression for business processes. Check out PowerToolz and let us know what you think.

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