Good bye 2012 – you have been awesome!

2012 has been a great year for us and our clients. It was our 4th calendar year and we certainly grew in maturity. We moved into our new office, took part in conferences & community, delivered bigger projects and made serious investments in the mobile tooling space. We expanded into Sydney and signed up channel partners. We expanded our advisory board. We were brave enough to ask for help when we realised we needed it and had some good friends to come to our aid. We took on some tougher challenges. We triumphed with most and failed on a few. We made mistakes and made sure that we learnt from them. 2012 has been an awesome year and we look forward to 2013 with great expectations. We have set ourselves greater goals and we will make sure that we have an even better 2013 to thank for in 12 months.

Happy New Year!!!

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