Planning Upgrades or Cleanup?

It is that time of the year and we have just updated two of our client environments to K2 4.6.4. One environment was upgraded from K2 4.5 and MOSS to SharePoint 2010 and K2 4.6. This client had a SharePoint Integrated Workflow application which experienced a permission issue. This rare scenario was an introduced bug in 4.6.3 and subsequently fixed in the 4.6.4 update.

The second client was moving from K2 4.5 and SharePoint 2010 to K2 4.6.4. Both the upgrades were completed by our remote support teams with ease. Our migration process and support offering assists customers with free updates. We are now migrating another MOSS client to SP 2010 and K2 4.6.4 this weekend.

If you are looking to update your SharePoint or K2 environments in the next 6-8 weeks please contact and we will be able to provide a special assistance package.

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