Why Automate?

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I was reading an article on working hard versus working smart yesterday. There were two professionals doing their daily work and it pointed out how vastly different the outcomes were for them and their organisations.

We all want to be smart and want to work smart. Nobody sets out to do things the hard way. But what is important is how we actually end up doing what we wanted to do and whether and how we achieve them.

Most of us don’t really reflect on how our days are being expended or invested towards our goals.

Businesses have a mandate to be efficient and become more efficient as time goes by for the benefit of their customers, share holders, employees and partners.

Critical analysis of business practice and processes has to be conducted regularly to ensure this mandate is carried out. Self-reflection is important and follow up actions need to be carried out to optimise or focus on the right areas. This is a crucial aspect of governance.

Automating business processes is the way for organisations to have systems in place to support these governance activities.

Process automation gives you control, systemises paper and aids with visibility and transparency.

Working smart is about being systemised. Being disciplined. Are you automating or are you working hard? Contact sales@jeylabs.com.au for a chat.

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