Mission Critical SharePoint…

Almost 12 months ago Microsoft published a white paper on SharePoint. The focus of this paper was on using SharePoint as a viable Mission Critical Business Application platform.

CIOs and CTOs care a lot about Mission Critical Apps – that is what matters to them and Microsoft was keen to point out the maturity of the platform since the humble beginnings of SharePoint since 2001, in its support for these solutions.

I have been working with SharePoint since the first release and we used to build departmental solutions, intranets and custom applications on SharePoint as we were able to accelerate the delivery and improve ROI using partner products easily with it.

I also saw with the SharePoint 2010 release the product and its database engine improving massively. I have seen firsthand some of the Engineering efforts that went behind the current SharePoint 2013 release. I am very excited that this platform is in the mission critical category of applications in terms of its capability and the increasing use of it in the wild so to speak.

The partner eco system has certainly strengthened SharePoint’s place within Enterprises. I see K2 as a component of SharePoint deployments in the SharePoint Business Process Management space. This is what matters to business and clearly pushes SharePoint in to the Mission Critical space. Whether the application is servicing customer calls or helping to manage the decision making process for million dollar spends, SharePoint excels compared to other mainstream vendors.

We build SharePoint apps using K2 for managing Employee services, Purchasing, Complaint management, Training, Audits, Operation plans, Budgeting, PMO, Assets, Cost centres and many more. If these systems were down, the clients’ businesses will be hurt. We architected these systems to have redundancy, load balancing and DR aspects. These applications were going through stringent change management processes commonly from 3 up to 7 environments in one case.

So, if you are wondering whether SharePoint is mission critical, call us and checkout what we have delivered to CIOs and CTOs. The proof is in the pudding.

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