Process Intelligence – What is in the name?

I have been a fan of Process Intelligence for some time now.

People talk about Business Intelligence and the ability to track and manage KPIs as the core of performance management. To me Businesses are about their processes. Business is not a one man show. if it is it would be just a practice. A company has its own identity, brand, followers and enemies. It has to stand on its own two feet and its business processes are the key to this. Process Intelligence is the key to influence, enable and improve efficiencies in an organisational context.

At jEyLaBs, we see Process Intelligence as one of the levels of process maturity. We consult with organisations on their journey to process automation. Our business is to help other businesses do more with less. We know from this experience and our success stories and disasters, how Process Intelligence can play a huge role in systemisation success.

Making decisions is a fundamental business management activity. Process automation helps with this. But, making the right decisions with confidence is what Process Intelligence gives you. jEyLaBs will be releasing a solution offering in this space shortly named jEyLaBs Process Intelligence for K2. We are keen to show you why should you care because business is all about being smart. Curious? email us as

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