Why would you need a forms platform?

I don’t believe in one-offs. I don’t believe in quick and dirty. I don’t believe in these at all in the context of organisations that are looking to invest in their systemisation efforts. Spending and Investing are two different things. Remember the proverb about teaching someone how to fish instead of giving some fish to eat? That is what I am talking about when we go into organisations looking to assist them in transforming their paper- based environments to less paper and more systems.

We take them on a journey that is truly about transformation. Quick wins and low hanging fruits are only worth pursuing as part of a road map to transformation. I dont want the solutions we implement to be the next legacy systems to be ripped and replaced. jEyLaBs never works on these efforts as they are pointless.

Our strategic partnership with Microsoft and K2 are based on the fact that the SharePoint application platform will systemise your paper based office and K2 will accelerate that effort. Our process applications offering is based on K2 for forms, data access and process logic. We believe K2 is the best in its class for enhancing Microsoft technology in this domain and our absolute focus and expertise revolves around it.

Why would you need a forms platform? The answer is simple. You need a forms platform when you are transforming your paper based office. Whether you are doing this to save trees or money or pain you cant achieve the change by automating just one thing. You need to automate a whole heap of scenarios. You need to enable your organisation and empower your people. You need to allow them to have the tools and techniques to do this really well.

Every application has UI needs and a forms platform such as the K2 smartforms is essential to lay the foundation for this transformation effort. Plain UI is not enough. You need data access and process logic. With K2 blackpearl by your side as the process engine and smartobjects framework you will be turning those paper based applications into automated solutions real fast. And with SharePoint to enable documents management, collaboration and e-discovery the whole solution lights up as the best platform to transform your organisation.

jEyLaBs delivered many solutions to a lot of clients in this domain and we have seen this time and time again. These projects evolve and provide value over time. Getting started is important and getting started with the right mix of people and technology and approach is even more important. You need a platform to make this happen and you need the experts to show you the ropes. If you have any questions or thoughts on this please get in touch with us via sales@jeylabs.com.au

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