Value of K2 smartforms

UI is essential for most Apps. At jEyLaBs we spend a lot of time and energy on re-imagining UI for our clients. Recently we delivered 3 process applications on K2/SharePoint. We took paper forms and delivered applications that changed the way they work for the better.

A good part of this project was spent on working with the user groups understanding how the UI is presented to them, how user interactions and validations will be working hand in hand, how the business rules are presented to them in a meaningful way and so on.

This quote on from Wouter Faber of Accenture on K2 smartforms made me think about the UI development process we went through on this project:

“The big difference that K2 smartforms will make for us is that creating the interface will be a totally drag-and-drop process. Currently, about 80 percent of development on a workflow application is spent creating the user interface. Smartforms will help us significantly reduce that time.”

We use InfoPath heavily as our UI technology of choice on SharePoint. This was the case in this project too. We have people in our team that I call “InfoPath PhDs”. This sort of recognition comes from years of hard work and many a late night spent on projects. We also use ASP.NET and controls such as Telerik on projects. There are many factors to consider before making a decision on the UI tech. We consider the control the client has over the application as well as reconfigurability.

Our experience tells us that a pretty UI is not enough. A UI has to be intelligent, configurable and should have the ability to extend and be connected with business processes.

With K2 we see smartforms as the ground-breaking technology that has been the missing piece of this platform. With the recent release of K2 smartforms our SharePoint/K2 application platform is now complete and ready to provide significant amounts of savings. Are you ready to accelerate your outcomes?

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