K2 smartforms – The Game Changer is right here, right now!

K2 has just released the smartforms add-on to its K2 blackpearl platform. K2 smartforms has been in the works for some time now and I have been involved with it since the Alpha. It is great to see this technology out and in the hands of users today. Never before today K2 had this level of sophistication in the UI.

K2 smartobjects are powering these forms and the no code, configuration only, browser based design and deploy experience is superb. K2 smartforms are used as the UI for your smartobjects and workflows. They are version controlled just like the workflow definitions.

K2 smartforms are based on the concept of views and pages. a page can have multiple views. views are reusable and shared across pages. You configure rules to react to user actions and system events. Data comes from the smartobjects and can be used to read and write to numerous backend systems. Listing, Loading, Searching and the usual CRUD are all supported. You can build controls for the smartforms and also configure the look and feel using themes. You have full control on the display of text and graphics elements.

We are moving all our form development efforts on to smartforms now. I think every K2 customer should seriously evaluate this technology. Find out more at http://www.k2.com/smartforms.aspx

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