K2 4.6 is here!

Been playing around with the 4.6 release and couple of important things to note with this update:

1. Doco is now online and if you want to install it on the machine grab the doco installer. Good move to keep the doco current.
2. On a clean install you will see the number of databases K2 uses has come down to 1 from 14 🙂 K2 has consolidated the databases and now uses 5 file groups to balance performance and the need for simplified management.

FG_Server Server
FG_HostServer Category Designer Environment Eventbus HostServer MessageBus Relationship Workspace CustomUM Dependency EnvironmentServices Utility
FG_Identity Identity Authorization
FG_SmartBroker SmartBox SmartBroker SmartForm
FG_ServerLog ServerLog
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