Would a pretty UI be enough?

We build applications to solve business problems. The applications need to be used by the user population for them to contribute to this enterprise level efforts of problem solving. Users want applications to be usable, likeable and exciting to engage with. The application’s UI plays a big part here. But, if you look into it, just a pretty UI can’t cut it alone. Why? The UI is there for a purpose and that is to connect the information with the user. This is very important in Human workflow scenarios where you need the interaction between the person and the process to be smooth.

Data is everywhere. We typically have bits of information locked in different systems in our organizations. There are many reasons for this. But, we often need access to this data to piece together the puzzle. Forms technology is important but not enough to present this information to the user in a sensible manner. What I need is a technology to bring all the required data into my process applications fast. A strong data layer to define, deploy and manage enterprise data such as K2 SmartObjects is essential for successful adoption of business process applications.

I really like the fact that K2 have invested in SmartObjects for over 6 years. It has helped to build a solid platform to bring out the K2 forms technology on top of it. K2 forms is an objects based UI piece, which is configurable, pretty and easy to build. The true power of it lies at its core architectural piece, the K2 SmartObjects.

K2 SmartObjects allow us to bring data from different layers to processes and forms easily. It has a services layer to bind to backend systems such as Databases, SharePoint, Active Directory, Exchange, Web services, custom APIs, etc. It is reusable across applications and forms. You can build them, configure them, share them and secure them quickly.

K2 Forms leverages this strong data layer to build the pretty UI. That makes it a killer combination. Check it out for yourself!

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