K2 4.6 is here!

Been playing around with the 4.6 release and couple of important things to note with this update:

1. Doco is now online and if you want to install it on the machine grab the doco installer. Good move to keep the doco current.
2. On a clean install you will see the number of databases K2 uses has come down to 1 from 14 🙂 K2 has consolidated the databases and now uses 5 file groups to balance performance and the need for simplified management.

FG_Server Server
FG_HostServer Category Designer Environment Eventbus HostServer MessageBus Relationship Workspace CustomUM Dependency EnvironmentServices Utility
FG_Identity Identity Authorization
FG_SmartBroker SmartBox SmartBroker SmartForm
FG_ServerLog ServerLog

Would a pretty UI be enough?

We build applications to solve business problems. The applications need to be used by the user population for them to contribute to this enterprise level efforts of problem solving. Users want applications to be usable, likeable and exciting to engage with. The application’s UI plays a big part here. But, if you look into it, just a pretty UI can’t cut it alone. Why? The UI is there for a purpose and that is to connect the information with the user. This is very important in Human workflow scenarios where you need the interaction between the person and the process to be smooth. Continue reading “Would a pretty UI be enough?”