Bring on Beta 2

I am so excited to receive this notification from Codi this morning – K2 SmartForms beta 2 is out and some of my requests are in as well as 843 of other updates! AWESOME.    

K2 4.6 is here!

Been playing around with the 4.6 release and couple of important things to note with this update: 1. Doco is now online and if you want to install it on the machine grab the doco installer. Good move… Read More

Power to the Process : Checkout jEyLaBs PowerToolz for K2

We are also working on an eBook to be published shortly. Stay tuned.

Would a pretty UI be enough?

We build applications to solve business problems. The applications need to be used by the user population for them to contribute to this enterprise level efforts of problem solving. Users want applications to be usable, likeable and exciting… Read More

#AUSPC Photos and Winners

We had a great time at the Australian SharePoint Conference in Melbourne. Here’s some pictures from the event.