I am on Office 365 and I am loving it….

Office 365 is something in my opinion a fantastic solution for anyone who has a credit card and uses a computer and/or a phone. If you are one of those guys and does not have access to SharePoint 2010, Lync or Office 2010 then you should check this out. Office 365 Trial!

For me this gives me the functionality of using Office anywhere. My emails are served by Exchange and I can collaborate with my team. I dont have to worry about anything except the cheap monthly fees. How this will help me take my core applications to web and onto SP2010? I dont know yet. But, I am happy with what I have now. What have you done with Office 365 with regards to your core business applications?

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One thought on “I am on Office 365 and I am loving it….

  1. You can deploy WSP’s as a sandboxed solution. I’ve it this and it worked pretty well expect few tweaks which I had to made to my solution to be inline with few restriction in place due to security concerns.

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