building highly configurable applications : will we make it there?

I am quite passionate about software. I love building applications. I make a living out of doing what I love. I have built green field systems, replaced existing systems and integrated with and enhanced other people’s software. software is so good in the sense that it is easy to create things with than say using hardware to do the same. but because it is intangible it is not the simplest to create things with.

Specifying what you need out of software is a very important step in building applications with it. the idea is that you get your specifications done and then you go on your merrily way building the application employing your technical genius. What happens in real life is, things change. strange enough? So the specs are not necessarily valid by the time you finish building your app. got a solution? lets specify as we build? what happens you deliver and then after few months there is a change in how the app is supposed to work? what if you want the app to be used by different groups of people or systems (with various levels of changes to your inital specs) so my life of building software apps isnt going to be a walk in the park. but there is always hope.

The industry has been moving in various directions to solve this issue of coding applications to specs and to handling changes in the specifications. so what we are really looking at is configuring applications rather than codifying. my focus is about building highly configurable applications. apps that last the test of time and change. I have been working with various software platforms looking for a way to achieve this nirvana of configuration. we are not there yet. we may never get there. but, this is the Rome the streets I travel would take me to. I have been enjoying the journey and solving problems along the way. I have been using SharePoint and K2 for some years of this journey and achieved some success for my clients. I see this story getting better.

What has been your story?

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