Employee Management with K2

Check this video on a Human Resource OnBoarding solution by K2. Here’s a FAQ page for more info.


K2 can help building assistive process applications that provides entire life cycle management capabilities for your domain. Entire Employee management solutions can be built on K2 providing end-to-end management and integration of employee related business processes with back end data and LOB systems. You can have 360 degree view of your employee data by using K2 Smart Objects.

K2 have made investments in integration to Active Directory, Exchange and Microsoft CRM from within the K2 process designers. This allows for simple drag and drop integration essential to building tightly integrated applications in the microsoft environment. Employee on-boarding and off-boarding applications are a sample for how this technology can be put to good use. The real leverage comes in the use of K2 in building Case Management applications leveraging the rich set of K2’s APIs and the framework.

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