Employee Management with K2

Check this video on a Human Resource OnBoarding solution by K2. Here’s a FAQ page for more info. http://www.viddler.com/player/28b13581/ K2 can help building assistive process applications that provides entire life cycle management capabilities for your domain. Entire Employee… Read More

1230 rocks

I finished a complete install of a K2 load balanced distributed production clusters integrated with SharePoint farm, a staging and a dev environment update this week. The 1230 installer was awesome. While everyone is excited about the cool… Read More

K2 update KB1230 is here

This is an exciting update for me as this provides some new features I wanted: 1. Create Folders inside document libraries. 2. Process Scheduler from within SharePoint Process Portals 3. Reuse of inline functions and RegEx 4. AD… Read More