FSA Migrates to K2 blackpearl

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Here’s the link to the latest jEyLaBs case study published….. http://www.k2.com/en/displaycontent.aspx?id=3180

Here’s a bit of content from the case study document published:

ForestrySA sought to convert its workflows to the newest K2 platform so they would be compatible with the latest versions of SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies.

In addition, ForestrySA wanted to automate its manual processes for payroll, employee terminations, invoice approvals and incident reporting. In these processes, e-mails with attachments were sent back and forth between various employees and departments, involving a great deal of time and effort. Further, these processes lacked visibility, often creating delays when an employee was not available or was away from work for an extended period.

K2 Partner jEyLaBs worked with ForestrySA to move four sophisticated, core-business workflow applications — operations plan, license review and termination, and leave request — from K2.net 2003 to K2 blackpearl, incorporating SharePoint and InfoPath Form Services.

“We were able to ensure high availability, preserve the look and feel, and intelligently bring in new features,” said Jey Srikantha, jEyLaBs Principal. “We developed the applications and migration plan and provided assistance with production deployment.”

With the improved integration, K2 blackpearl gives ForestrySA easier tools and designers; a faster, more stable workflow engine; better reporting and visibility; and functionality that the organization is particularly excited about, such as out-of-office and escalations.

Since the migration, Forestry SA also has reduced time and effort in a new streamlined K2 blackpearl process for travel requests, and a number of other projects are currently being considered.

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