I just realized this at TechEd last week…

I just realized this at TechEd last week – after writing about being a PC following that Ad campaign by Microsoft, I think I am now more proud to be a PC on a Mac πŸ™‚ and happy to have that choice. (BTW parallels is the world’s best VM technology – I love you guys)

Mine is the MacBook with SP2010 sticker on at TechEd this year πŸ™‚ – can anyone beat that? (Those stickers were rare)

I recently showed off our Infopath 2010 based K2 solution on an iPad running safari to a few prospects. Yeah it does work!!!

Anyway, the bigger and much heavier iPad from Microsoft, I mean the surface πŸ™‚ yeah I am stretching it a bit …. is pretty cool albeit being a bit slow.

I also think windows phone 7 is cooler than iPhone 4 but let’s watch this space – apple’s creativity comes with a set of restrictions like no flash, etc where Microsoft differentiates with integration. I haven’t got an iPhone 4 yet – so bring this baby out Microsoft.

Oh BTW that game console with zero controllers – that’s going to be a real winner.

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