Building a help desk system with K2

A casestudy on K2 being used for building a help desk system has been published recently. City of Charlotte in North Carolina, USA used K2 blackpearl to build a help desk system on top of SharePoint, InfoPath and SQL Server 2008.

“After evaluating more than a dozen software offerings, the City of Charlotte chose K2 blackpearl because of its ease of use, scalability, the visibility it provides and its integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint”

The below quote highlights the key differentiator of K2:

“We also went with K2, in part, because of the growth it affords us. It’s hard to find software that lets you expand and retrofit the way K2 blackpearl does. It is customizable, too, so you get more than what comes out of the box.”

read more about it here

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