Sharepoint SP2 and K2

I have been playing around with the recently released SP2 for Sharepoint 2007 with K2. This was mainly to check for any compatibility issues. I also wanted to look at the newly updated K2 blackpoint installer and the diag tools 🙂

My experience upgrading a K2 807 enabled Sharepoint server to SP2 went without issues. K2 continued to function well.


My testing was done on a fairly simple MOSS VM. I have not done any performance benchmarks. I am also interested in the Forms Server enhancements made for MOSS But, that will be for another blog post.

My test run also covered K2 blackpoint (latest installer). I think the software works fine with SP2. BTW, The most awaited K2 update code named ‘090x’ will officially support Sharepoint SP2 along with aligning with 2008 wave.


The updated blackpoint installer (note: this is not an upgrade to existing blackpoint environments) is great – its diagtools are brilliant, helping you verify the install, settings, permissions, etc – a very valuable tool. It checks for  and fix issues reported.


If you find any issues with upgrading to SP2 or installing K2 on an SP2 environment please log a support ticket with K2 or go to Forums on

UPDATE: There is a hotfix available for an issue that has been found when using Sharepoint integration tasks in K2 processes. Check this out – KB000451 – Hotfix: After installing MOSS SP2, SharePoint Integration tasks are not created for the second and subsequent client events.

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