Process Map : Points to Ponder

Process design in K2 is simple. On the surface the process map can appear as pretty basic. It does not really have many visual shapes to play with. I call K2 process map as a pure boxes and lines diagram. It has boxes which are called activities that are connected to each other via lines.

What goes inside the boxes and behind the lines is what interesting. K2 process map only has one pre-defined activity called the “Start” Activity. This some times causes a bit of confusion. Firstly there is no matching “End” Activity in K2 as the process engine determines when a process instance ends. Also to reach the Start activity inside the process a process instance should have already been started šŸ™‚

Some process templates provide options to specify how a process can be started – namely sharepoint and infopath templates. But, any process map, regardless of how its start options are configured can be programatically started. This is what cool about K2. The options are endless.

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