K2 KBs since 370 update

There has been a number KBs made available since the release of the update 370. Take a look these and apply the relevant fixes if you have the issues mentioned occurring in your environment. There are also a… Read More

K2 Networker – April edition is out

Check this out http://www.k2.com/networker/ ………. here’s a sneak preview………. • K2 is now on Twitter. Follow Chris Geier, community development manager, at Twitter.com/K2onK2. He’ll be providing industry commentary and keeping you updated on K2 news, people, events, tips,… Read More

Process Map : Points to Ponder

Process design in K2 is simple. On the surface the process map can appear as pretty basic. It does not really have many visual shapes to play with. I call K2 process map as a pure boxes and… Read More

Blackpearl and VB

Fellow insider Jason wrote about his experience migrating K2.net 2003 VB based processes to K2 blackpearl. Take a look at http://www.k2underground.com/blogs/jmonty/archive/2009/04/02/migrating-to-k2-blackpearl-vb-net-support-in-k2-blackpearl-processes.aspx