Viewflow wonders

K2 has a feature named viewflow – this is a visual rendering of a process instance – which allows authorised users to visualise the flow of a business process in real time. It is a colour coded map that gives indication as to where the current process instance is at, where it came from and the path it could take next. Clicking on the flow you can access reports that gives you more info on the process.

The viewflow control comes with K2 is a .NET component that is installed on the client machines. This control is supplied with XML data that represents the process state at real time. The control can be linked to any process instance as long as the instance ID is known. This can be very useful to provide URL links to processes that are run by users. In a Sharepoint environment for example we could embed this link in a list that can hold meta data about a purchase order raised by a user.

One issue with viewflow is that the process diagram in its entirety is displayed. In some cases this is not ideal.

The viewflow control is installed by the .aspx page hosted under the K2 workspace. There is a .cab file found under the K2 install directory, You can extract the ViewFlow control installer from here (C:\Program Files\K2 blackpearl\WorkSpace\Site\TaskListControl\ which houses the .MSI for deploying the viewflow control.

Question: How one might push the control to all client desktops in a SOE environment? If you simply copy this msi and create a logoff script for your users via group policy in AD within a week most of your users will have this control ready to go. My friend Marco told me about this. Recently I used this info to help another consultant. There you go Mate, I have paid it forward.

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