Case for K2 blackpoint

K2 blackpoint is released! It is the workflow platform built for sharepoint by K2. At a price point that is very attractive, all sharepoint customers can now enjoy the benefits of the K2 platform and the future proofing available through upgrade to K2 blackpearl.

K2 blackpoint has been in beta for sometime and I have been involved with few deployments. The product has been tested and improved on the features (process portal for example). I just love the silverlight based process designer right there in my sharepoint UI. It just makes sense for the quick workflow process design. K2 studio gives us the ability to build drag-n-drop workflow from a MS word like application and deploy without never seeing code. BA’s would love this.

I have blogged many times about the features and benefits before. This finished product looks awesome and will change sharepoint environments for the better. Check this out at

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