SmartObject Service Tester

Did you know there is a tool that ships with K2 for configuring and testing your service objects and smart objects? This tool called the “SmartObject Service Tester” is found in K2 blackpearlservice broker folder of your K2 server install directory.

On launch it lists your service objects and smart objects found on the host server.


You can register service types and instances from this tool as well. (some of this functionality is similar to what provided in the brokermanagement.exe and via the K2 workspace management console)

You can pick a service object and use the tool to generate a smartobject out of it for you.


This generates the .sodx and provides an editor interface to manipulate this SmO definition


In here you can change the names, category, edit/delete properties and methods and the either publish your SmO or generate the .sodx.

You can also execute the SmO and run tests with this tool. There is more to this tool, enjoy playing around.

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