Email interaction with K2

Recently I took part in a PoC activity with a prospect where I was asked to demonstrate how a user might complete a task assigned to them by simply emailing K2. Ever since I came across the “email enabled list” functionality of sharepoint I had a simple solution proposed to many of my clients. This is the first time though I had to do it. So, I rolled up my sleeves and got on to the job.

Email interaction can be used to kick-off a process instance or to complete a human or system task within K2. Email also can be sent out as notifications to users and systems such as or, etc to provide really fancy functionality.

I launched my VM and started setting up mail and then sharepoint to email enable a list. I tested the functionality by sending email to the hardcoded email address ( and watched documents get created and attachments saved in to the document library I have created. Then I deployed a sharepoint events process using K2 which was tied to that email enabled doclib. All this process was doing is once kicked off by the Item added event, it was picking up the serial number of the task, user name of the actioner and the action they have chose from that email. Then a server event impersonated the user, opened the worklist item and actioned it off!

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