Making a point with K2 …

K2 blackpoint is a new K2 offering currently in beta. This product is aimed solely at the sharepoint 2007 customer base. Both WSS3.0 and MOSS 2007 are enhanced by this product. Users of blackpoint will get much better workflow experience on sharepoint for low cost.

Blackpoint has an upgrade path to K2[blackpearl]. This is a key aspect. Currently all the sharepoint add-on workflow products have many limitations and their upgrade or extend options are virtually none or resort to writing code.

Blackpoint comes with a low entry cost and a feature set that is very attractive to all sharepoint customers. I expect most sharepoint users to get some value out of blackpoint immediately and more value over time from K2 blackpearl.

If you look at Blackpearl, it does not rely on sharepoint. It gives you access to backend systems via the smartobject technology. It has options to leverage the K2 connect for SAP as well. It has a great usability and extensibility story across your technical and business user base.

Blackpoint is a great starting point for the ‘non developer’ users, who see the value in putting things together and getting on to business than waiting for IT.

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