I hate iisreset

iisreset is the command to re-start your IIS webserver.  shortcut to stop and then start your IIS service. I am sure some of you have executed this a thousand times 🙂 The thing is it is not a soft-reset. I hate hard re-sets as it takes way too long to get access to the same level of services from your warmed up, cached up IIS. Anyway, my complain is about not having the ability to do soft resets with IIS when all you want is IIS to load your new bits that are not affecting any of the existing bits. Is there a way? let me know. I also dislike one of my other recent quotes – “if in doubt, re-boot”, but hey it works 🙂

UPDATE – I found out that there are some alternatives that may work depending on what you are trying to do…

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