Getting technology to “work”

As you know these days we all have awesome pieces of technology to use at work. but, do we really ‘work’ them? Even if we are the frequent “users” of these technologies, are we really using them the right way to get the most out of them?

When you take a screenshot do you simply paste that into an email and send it?

Do you update a shared calendar and then email your attendees to confirm that they have this invite in their calendar?

Do you ask for people to vote on something via email but don’t know of or use voting buttons?

Yes, I am talking about you! 🙂 and these are simple examples of us not sharpening our saw.

JUST BECAUSE THIS IS HOW YOU HAVE BEEN ALWAYS DOING SOMETHING does not mean there is no room to improve, technology has been evolving at light speed and you do need to catch up on things. learn, re-learn and un-learn as required.

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