If you are a developer, you will be keen to know about writing code to work with K2. Writing code also means that you will need to know how to debug the code you have written 🙂 (This is probably why K2 tries to help reduce the amount of code you need to write)

Read this post to know about where you could write code with K2 and This about extending K2 by writing code.

When you write code for K2, the K2 server component is what actually executes your code. So, in order to debug you need to attach to the server to step through a debugging session. If you have your dev tool, VS.NET installed along with the K2 server on the same machine (which is the typical developer environment setup) this simply means you attach to the K2HostServer process on the local machine. If the server is on a remote machine it requires you setup remote debugging.

Here’s another blog on Debugging K2

Right now K2 only supports VS.NET 2005 and break points can be set only at the WF level and at the .NET code level. check this how to video by chris ‘K2CommunityMan’ Geier for a demo!

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