RFID will rock at TechED next month

I am so excited to read about this from Mick’s blog. He is doing some awesome work with RFID and this will be used at TechEd 2008 in Sydney next month. Do Check this out

Now, wearing my K2 hat, I am thinking of how this can be extended to run some business processes with K2. The submission of the infopath forms services based eval forms could trigger K2 process instances. We can pull the eval results via smartobjects and show SqlRS based reports which can be customised by the attendees. The reports can be showcased via our BDC connector on a MOSS session site. As each session is completed these reports can come alive. The prize draw process can be connected to an SMS gateway via our event bus to notify winners……K2 technology is here, the questions is really, are you ready to implement?

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