Starting small just got a lot easier with K2 blackpoint

K2’s value proposition as a workflow/BPM tool is, you can start on the Microsoft platform pretty easily with K2. K2 scales well from a technology and cost point of view. It has tools that works with your business users, analysts and developers.

We have just announced a public beta of a new offering that works specifically on the sharepoint platform. It is called K2 blackpoint. It is a full blown BPM environment built just for sharepoint. It depends fully on sharepoint and it extends it fully to make your workflow experience in sharepoint 10 times better.

It is also very very cost effective. You can start with K2 blackpoint and scale to K2[blackpearl] economically. You can even add K2[connect] for SAP in to your environment.

check this out now!! I know you will like this new “K2[start small]” 🙂

Register for the Beta at
Watch video demo on using the Blackpoint Office 2007 Styled Designer
Product comparison

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  1. CodeJedi.NET : K2 blackpoint released in Beta

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