Workflow Extravaganza @ MOSSIG

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MOSSIG Notice – May Meeting Agenda
28th May, 5.30pm @ Microsoft’s Innovation Centre

Workflow Panel Session

Its such a continuously hot topic, workflow scenarios exist in every business today and we’re really spoilt for choice with the options that are available to us on the Microsoft stack.

So what do you use? SharePoint, Visual Studio? What about 3rd parties like Nintex, K2 or Skelta?
Its not so much what’s the best product, but what to use and where.

So join us for this expert panel session where we’ve invited our workflow experts from the MOSSIG community & vendors to share their knowledge & partake in the discussions as we flesh out all those common workflow scenarios we face. We’ll also open up the floor to our members to share their knowledge and pains and make this a session not to be missed.

Your panel experts are: Rai Umair, Elaine Van Burgen, Steve Heaney, Vinay Joseph & Jey Srikantha

As usual, everyone is welcome, but please RSVP so we can organize catering.

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