How to Configure Visio to edit your VS.NET built K2 processes

We know the value of a business user tool such as Visio. With K2’s integration with Visio it has opened the opportunity for visio users to directly contribute to the process effort in an organisation.

By configuring Visio to be the on going maintenance interface for K2 processes, developers and consultants can add more value to their clients. Typically developers will use VS.NET – their tool of choice – to build on K2[blackpearl]. Once that is done, if they can configure Visio to bind to this process map, then changes that require business user input can be very easily and rapidly done by the business users themselves.

How do you do this? K2’s visio plug-in uses the .vdx file’s name as the process folder name and the page’s name on which the process diagram lives as the process name. So, you MUST setup the visio diagram accordingly¬† and import your VS.NET project in to it.

Make sure you dont include smart objects in this project as they will also be deployed if the Visio diagram is deployed. You can also disable this by looking at the build configuration setting on the visio plug-in.
that’s it.

When changes are made to the visio diagram via the firendly wizards you deploy it from within visio to your target environment – testing, staging, etc. You can also export this diagram and pass it on to developers or other visio users for importing in to their tools for further manipulation. You can also get the K2 administrator to download the process source from K2 workspace. If you require an installer, use VS.NET to generate the deploy package from this export.

By taking these simple steps you would have empowered your BAs to use their choice of stencils and Visio to maintain and enhance their business processes.

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