Getting better and better

In the world of software, products get released, get enhanced, get matured and stablised. As consumers of software, organisations approach purchasing and deploying software differently. Some run on the latest and greatest. Some wait for service packs, others wait for their current versions to go out of life. Whatever the approach the continuous improvements are eventually consumed and leveraged. How much of that is used and how soon is what differentiates the users of software.

Not all software is updated as rapidly as others. Not all have clear road maps and delivery according to them. It depends on the market in which the software plays and the role of it. It also differentiates the software makers.

K2[blackpearl] was released in August 2007 and it was first updated in December with SP1. Now we have an update to it, improving on many aspects of the platform K2 provides. The road map talks about many more improvements and new features that will make BPM exciting with K2.

This update is called 803 and it brings some good things to the table. These are: 64-bit support, performance enhancements, installation improvements and improved documentation. Read more and a bit more here

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