With K2 we can wrap Sharepoint Lists with…

With K2 we can wrap Sharepoint Lists with Smart Objects. We would configure an SmO to map to a List. So that when an entry is created in the SmO it writes to the List and when you add an entry in to the list directly and call the getList method on SmO it returns all the list entries from Sharepoint. In short this SmO becomes a data access object for that Sharepoint list.

We can also configure a K2 business process that reacts to events happening on this list. Typically when an event such as a list item creation is happening we launch an instance of a K2 process. This process can perhaps approve this item creation, lock that entry by applying permissions, copy the meta data of this list item on to another list – perhaps a calendar and provide a time based view of actions happening on this list – and so on.

The ease of the above implementation is pretty nice with K2.

We can even create an Infopath form that provides an alternative CRUD interface to this sharepoint list very quickly. We can also make this form to take part in that process as well. This form can be rendered using Forms Services and associated with a content type as well.

These are all no code tasks with K2. It brings process management to MOSS with ease. but it is not a sharepoint only solution. It builds on WF and allows us to connect to back-end systems to read and write using the same smart objects. The SmO that was wrapping the MOSS list can also wrap SAP for example. This means I can use my SmO to integrate data from SAP into MOSS. better it can bring this SmO in to BDC and not just make it writable but also process enable it.

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